Why Babushka

Babushka means “grandmother” in Russian. We thought this name was a great fit for our restaurant occupying the garden of the forty year old one storey building with slightly cringing wooden flours, low ceilings and wooden window frames longing for another layer of paint. We both grew up in our grandmas houses: Olga on the shores of Russian river and Özgür on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.


Our restaurant-to-be brought back the memories of the safest place and time in the world, memories of the women that unconditionally loved us, the oldest kids in the family, spoiled us beyond reason and patronized (unlike the parents) even if we were getting too naughty.

Grandmas commanded many aspects of the extended family life, one of them being food. It were always the grandmas preparing signature dishes meant to preside over special meals or nourish the hungry and tired. So Babushka Restaurant is our tribute to the women who brought us up and taught the importance of living simply and eating well.
Babushka Alacati Restoran by Olga Irez