Babushka Food

Babushka serves breakfast, snacks and drinks during the day and dinner. For any meal we at Babushka love serving many small plates that feature Turkish classics, accompanied by Russian dishes and flavors brought from our travels around the world. We are convinced that Babushka food is universal and not limited to any geography or cuisine.


Özgür cherishes the memory of çomaç, sweet and savory bread rolls his grandma Mahide used to make for him and Olga remembers the cabbage pirozhki that grandma Masha baked on special occasions. And yet Babushka food is not so much about recreating the dishes of our childhood, but spreading the ideas our grandmas’ cooking taught us.

That’s why at Babushka we cherish food traditions, but also we remember that our grandma were the greatest innovators creating new dishes and adding their own touch to the foods they learned from their grandmas. Just like our grandmas, at Babushka we cook with the ingredients grown by the local farmers and coming to our table according to the seasons. Finally, we remember that our grandmas always strove to make their food as nourishing as delicious it was, and at Babushka we are about well-being of your guests.

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